Dumfries and Galloway Council

Uniform and Dress Policy

All Dumfries and Galloway schools must have a dress code which encourages pupils to dress in a way appropriate to attendance at school. This code must not lead to direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, disability or poverty. Prior to drawing up the dress code, parents, pupils and staff should be fully consulted, and it is the expectation of Skills, Education and Learning Directorate that parents will be supportive of the dress code.

Clothing which is unacceptable in school under any circumstances would include items which:

• Could potentially encourage factions (eg football colours).

• Could cause offence (eg anti-religious or political slogans).

• Could cause health and safety difficulties (loosefitting clothing, dangling earrings)

• Are of flammable materials which may be a danger in certain classes.

• Could cause damage to floors.

• Carry advertising, (such as alcohol or tobacco)

• Could be used to inflict damage on other pupils.

Parents in receipt of a grant for footwear and clothing from the authority will be encouraged to purchase items which are in accordance with the school dress code.

Lockerbie Academy School

Uniform and Dress Policy

Following consultation with pupils, families and staff (June 2022) we have updated our policy. 

Pupils attending Lockerbie Academy should feel included, respected and listened to and are able to attend school in a Ready, Respectful and Safe way. 

School Shirt- 

  • Plain white
  • Short / Long Sleeves
  • Tucked in, buttoned to the top
  • School Tie visible (knot at top and sitting waist length)


  • Plain black sweatshirt, v-necj junper, cardigan, fleece
  • The only logo acceptable on the above item is the school logo. These tops can be purchased through Rostrum (no other logo is accepctable, pupils will be asked to remove these tops)
  • No hoodies


  • Plain black school trousers
  • Plain black school shorts (not sports shorts)
  • Plain black culottes / skirt / pinafore
  • Kilt
  • Plain black leggings (not sports leggings eg with sheer panels / lycra)
  • No denim


  • Plain black footwear

Acrylic /Gel Nails-

  • No longer than the length of finger

PE Kit-

  • Can be purchased through Kit Locker (optional) https://bit.ly/3ONNqRo
  • t-shirt / sweatshirt / tracksuit top / waterproof top
  • shorts / lycra leggings / tracksuit bottoms 
  • change of trainers / boots


Click to Download 2022 School Clothing Grant [pdf 292KB] Click to Download

Rostrum clothing

V-Neck Knitted Jumper PR694/PR696 including embroidered logo =£19.80

Sweatshirt AC001                                        "                     "              =£12.60

Fleece RS220M/RS220F                             "                     "              =£15.00

Click to Download PR694 Premier Knitted Cotton Acrylic V Neck Sweater [pdf 95KB] Click to Download
Click to Download RS220M Result Core Fleece Jacket [pdf 95KB] Click to Download
Click to Download RS220F Result Core Ladies Fashion Fit Outdoor Fleece [pdf 95KB] Click to Download
Click to Download PR696 Premier Ladies Knitted Cotton Acrylic V Neck Sweater [pdf 78KB] Click to Download