What is Microsoft Teams?

On overview of what Microsoft Teams is and features you will be asked to use by your teachers.

Using the Teams app

Some of you may use Microsoft Teams though the app - which you download onto your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  The way you log into this is slightly different to logging in through Glow on a browser - this video will help you set the app up.

Assignments - completing work from a file

Your work will be set as an Assignment in Teams.  Teachers may attach a file that you are to complete and submit.  This video will show you how to do this.

Assignments - attaching files

Your work will be set as an Assignment.  You might be asked to complete work in a file that you have created - this could be in word, powerpoint, paint.... and you will have to attached yuor saved file to send to your teacher.  This video will show you how to attach files to Assignments you have been set.

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