Accessing Glow

All work during school closures will be provided through Microsoft Teams through Glow.

Glow also gives access to Microsoft Office products for free to allow work to be completed, along with other free to use resources.

Pupils can also access their school e-mail through Glow to contact the school and to save work that they have completed at home to the OneDrive (online storage).

Microsoft products can be downloaded to tablets or smartphones (Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams) as well as to desktop PCs or Laptops free of charge.  When asked for log in details, use your Glow username and add to the end.

File icon: pdf Downloading Office at Home [pdf 170KB] Click to download

Forgotten your Glow password?

Accessing Teams

I am using my tablet/phone and I can't log in

Make sure you have added to the end of your username.  If you have put this will not work.  If this still does not work try to access glow using your browser instead.

Using Teams on your phone or tablet

Assignments in Teams - completing tasks

Completing Assignments - attaching work

How to access Glow from PS4

How to access Glow on XBox One

Microsoft Teams overview

Although some specifics to the primary school that kindly made this video - how to download and use the app is relevant to everyone.