SQA Exams

Our pupils are now working their way through courses in S4-6 to achieve a variety of qualifications.

All pupils are now studying the new Curriculum for Excellence qualifications.

SQA have published guides to help you understand the new National Qualifications.  The links to download these are below.

Guide for Learners
Guide for Parents and Carers
Supporting study - advice for parents and carers
Guide for Employers
Guide to Scottish Qualifications
Your coursework - what you need to know
Your Coursework – prace przedk³adane do oceny

 Guide to Scottish Qualifications

Prelims 2018

The prelim diet runs from 8 - 30 January 2018.  Some exams will take place in the assembly hall and others will take place in normal classes.  The two timetables can be downloaded below.  Pupils have also been given their own paper copy.


Why have prelims?

  • It allows pupils to see how they are getting on in courses and allows teachers to give feedback on next steps to improve.
  • It allows pupils to experience an exam paper which is similar in style to the final exam with a mixture of topic areas.
  • It allows pupils to experience how to prepare and plan study prior to the exam (it’s a practice run for the real thing in May).
  • It generates a piece of evidence for teachers to give an estimate grade for the SQA as to how pupils are performing.



File icon: pdf Prelims in Hall 2018 [pdf 204KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Prelims in Class 2018 [pdf 257KB] Click to download