Blencathra AH Biology S6


S3 pupils participated in our first of many S3 STEM Activity Day. 

Pupils' learned to apply problem solving and collaboration skills to construct from every day materials a simplified milk filling system currently used by Lockerbie Arla. 

Mark (from Arla) giving feedback. 

S3 STEM Day 


Mark from Arla presenting to students.

Hear Today- Gone Tomorrow! 2018-

Lockerbie Academy has had a unique opportunity to be involved with a cutting edge research project in association with Dr Graham Naylor (Medical Research Council/Chief Scientist Office Institute of Hearing Research – Scottish Section) and his team on hearing

Mrs Hargreaves has been leading the way training students to take hearing tests and interpert the data obtained from the results.  We are also using 'Rosie' (pictured) to help students find out about appropriate volumes for listening to music.

The project is ongoing so anyone wishing to get involved should speak to Mrs Hargreaves.

S3 Biology Eskrigg Trip 2019

As part of their preparation for National Biology courses, the S3 Biology pupils went to Eskrigg Nature Reserve to do field work. They sampled plants and invertebrates as well as finding out about moisture and light levels. They also did some tree identification. Many thanks to Jim Rae for his assistance.


P7 STEM Day - Science 2019 

P7 Pupils from our 13 Cluster Primary Schools visited Lockerbie Academy to take part in our Annual STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) Day. In Science, pupils made slime and then tested its properties.