Following on from a high profile fatal crash in the region in which three young people were killed it was felt that more education needed to be carried out to illustrate to young people the dangers of driving fast on the roads network. At the same time the methods used to prove the speed and behaviour of the vehicles prior to the crash were found to be highly pertinent to pupils who were studying maths and physics at school. 

Inspector Hewitson of Police Scotland attended a Road Safety Conference where he was given an input on road safety education by Gregor Steele of SSERC. As a result of this Inspector Hewitson approached SSERC and offered to help secondary teachers show how they could use equations of motion to illustrate to pupils the practical uses behind learning equations.

At the same time a message regarding road safety and the inappropriate use of speed would be re-inforced. Jennie Hargreaves from Lockerbie Academy was interested in the input and made contact with Inspector Hewitson to formulate a teaching plan.